Watch the 2021 FIA Rallycross Championship filmed with an FPV drone

Originally published at: Watch The 2021 FIA Rallycross Championship Filmed With An FPV Drone

FPV Drone vs Rallycross Racing

An FPV drone’s up-close and personal view of the action as it chases the world’s best drivers during the 2021 FIA World Rallycross Championship Final. If Rallycross racing wasn’t already dope enough with the cars getting extremely close while taring around a dirt track, watching the fast-paced epicness via an FPV drone makes it even better.

Great driving by the Rallycross drivers, and impressive flying by the pilot to keep the cars in view whilst also navigating steep turns at high speeds. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of who the talented FPV pilot is – it’s probably someone who works with RedBull racing, but whoever it is is world-class.

An FPV drone’s view of the final World RX race from the Circuit de Lohéac in Brittany, as the best World Rallycross drivers battle for the win. This is rally racing that you NEED to watch, with intense shoulder to shoulder driving and short fast laps on mixed terrain 🏁

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– Red Bull

Rallycross isn’t the only sport making use of FPV drones to capture and promote the action – Shaggy FPV recently worked with Audi Nines to shoot mountain biking highlights, and the results were amazing, providing close up views and angles that just aren’t possible with traditional sport filing methods.