The AOS T3 - a 3" toothpick frame by Chris Rosser

Chris Rosser has released his newest frame, this time a 3 inch toothpick named the AOS T3.


Applying his usual methodical approach to analyzing, testing and designing frames, Chris has gone for another minimal-resonance design with the aim of minimizing the amount of filtering needed and in turn, enabling “higher D gains to unlock spectacular flight performance and unmatched propwash handling”.

AOS T3 frame highlight from the sales page

  • Designed for 3" biblade props
  • 1204 or 1303 motors with 9mm mounting
  • 3S 300 - 450mAh battery
  • 25.5x25.5mm and 20x20mm M2 mounting
  • STLs available for 14mm Nano and 19mm Micro cameras
  • Supports Caddx Vista and HDZero Whoop (TX5S.1) VTX

The frame is available to order now from CNCdrones

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