Sub250G's 1S Baby Mutant Ninja Turtle Build

Micro quad developer Sub250G has built a tiny ripper 1S, 1.6" nano called the Baby Mutant Ninja Turtle with a total AUW (all up weight) of just 35 grams and a dry weight of 21.5 grams.

Sub250G said he’s still testing other batteries, parts and tuning for V2, so nothing is final just yet, but looking at the flight videos, it already looks like this thing absolutely rips for its size as well as having some decent acro (freestyle) ability.

Test flight:

Build images:

Sub250G usually focuses on 2S+ 2.5" micros but after the recent popularity nano FPV drones such as the iFlight Baby Nazgul and the Flywoo Firefly 1S Nano, he decided to apply his talents to building his own 1S nano, and the results look awesome.

Unfortunately, if you like the look of Sub250G’s Baby Mutant Ninja Turtle Frame/Build, there are no indications of it being available to purchase just yet, but if we’re lucky, perhaps we’ll see it on CNC Drones alongside his 3.5" Carnage Frame.

I want one