Sub250g Carnage frame now available from CNC Drones

Good news for Sub 250g enthusiasts because the awesome 3.5" Carnage frame - designed by micro quad specialist Sub250G FPV - is now available from FPV frame retailer CNC drones.

If you’re a fan of micro quads, there’s a good chance you know who Sub250G FPV is. He’s been banging out some impressive Sub250 builds for a while now, and they just keep getting better. And now he’s making his specially designed Carnage 3.5" frame available to purchase. Check out this flight video compilation of the Carnage in action from his Instagram page:

Carnage can be built either with Digital HD with a Caddx Vista or Naked if you prefer - or Analogue ( I’ve just ordered a TBS Sixty9 to build my own Analogue version so watch this space :grin: - Sub250G FPV

Analogue and Digital HD Frame Specifications:-

  • Designed for 3.5 inch props (HQProp T3.5x2x3 & Emax T3.5x2.8x3)
  • 3 mm One-Piece Bottom Plate
  • 2 mm Top Plate
  • 15mm / 20mm /23mm Standoff Options
  • 20 x 20, 25.5 x 25.5 & Whoop Board Stack Holes
  • Caddx Vista / TBS Crossfire Sixty9 Mounts to the Top Plate
  • Fits 19 mm & 14mm cameras (3d Printed Camera Mounts available at Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects)
  • Recommended motor sizes - 1404, 1504.5, 1505

Available form

Sub250G FPV on Instagram