Shaggy FPV’s Audi Nines mountain biking highlights

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Shaggy FPV’s mountain biking highlights from his work with Audi Nines showcases the vast possibilities of FPV drone filming. Fast-paced action sports such as freeride mountain biking are especially benefiting from the advancements of FPV drones and pilots. We are now treated to awe-inspiring action shots – such as these – of athletes in close proximity and from angles that just weren’t possible previously.

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I had the opportunity to spend 5 days at the Audi Nines MTB event, where the best bikers in the world hang out and push the limits of what’s possible. With a freeride, slopestyle and big-air line available at the Idarkopf Bikepark, they had no limitations to try anything they wanted! I released some takes on my insta, but found too many cool unused clips to not make an edit! Hope you enjoy. – Shaggy FPV

Shaggy FPV is a professional drone racing pilot, but he also does drone filming work for Drone Dutch Gods when he’s not tearing around a track.

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Audi Nines is a series of special media events featuring the best skiers, snowboarders and freeride mountain bikers.

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