Quadmovr: Drone With 64 Propeller Blades

Originally published at: Quadmovr: Drone With 64 Propeller Blades

Drone building specialist Quadmovr has built a drone with 64 propeller blades. To achieve this, two 8-blade props were mounted to each of the four motors. Quadmovr hasn’t stated exactly what inspired him to build a drone with 64 propellers but we can assume that aside from it looking awesome, there is less noise output compared to regular twelve-blade drones.

64-propeller drone test flight…

The majority of FPV drones have three propellers mounted on each of four motors as this is generally the best combination for performance and manoeuvrability, but it typically produces a high-pitch and loud noise which may agitate some people.

Quadmovr’s 64-propeller done (16 blades per motor) should require fewer revolutions to create enough thrust, thus making less noise, and judging by the audio in the flight videos, this seems to hold true.

Whether we see more drones with more propellers in future remains to be seen but most probably depends on what can be done to maintain manoeuvrability and performance, or how much is willing to be sacrificed in return for lower noise output.

Check out the onboard view of Quadmovr’s 64-propeller drone: