PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD Flywoo Nano BNF- Betaflight 4.2.9 Setup Guide

Patrick J Clarke’s Project Mockingbird setup for the Flywoo Nano BNF on Betaflight 4.2.9

PMB Setup Guide for the FlyWoo Nano!
Thanks to Nick Burns and William Flywoo, I got a FlyWoo Nano and did a custom tune and setup for this fun little 1s micro explorer. You aren’t going to race this little guy, but I did put PMB Angle mode settings on it, and even though it’s more comfortable exploring and diving and cruising around, with my new tune and setup you should be able to have some light acro fun.

I like flying it when I just want to chill and swoop and explore, and the eLRS version would be great to just go and explore since flight times on a 450 are about 4-5 minutes long.

Thanks again to FlyWoo for sending it to me and they have been amazing in the feedback I gave them and how to improve their quads for the future.

Link directly to the DIFF:
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