Nurk FPV: DJI FPV Drone Range Limit Testing

Originally published at: Nurk FPV: DJI FPV Drone Range Limit Testing | Drone Sumo Magazine

Professional drone racing pilot and vlogger Nurk FPV (Paul Nurkkala) pushes the limits of the DJI FPV Drone to find out just how far it can really fly, and the results are quite impressive. Granted, it doesn’t come close to custom-built long-range quads, but the distance is respectable, and impressive when you consider it’s transmitting an HD signal and remains responsive even towards the end of that range. Nurk made it about 2kms before the batteries got too low and he had to turn back, so about a 4km round trip in total.

DJI says their FPV drone has a range of up to 10km, but even with the large standard batteries the drone comes with, a 20km round trip is unlikely to be achieved. If we really want to see how far it can go, someone is going to have to do a one-way flight. Perhaps we will see one soon from Nurk – he said he’s open to doing other tests with the DJI FPV drone so if you want to see something specifically go leave him a comment.

Since we unboxed this drone with the features it has, we had to know how well it would do at longerish ranges, and we were not disappointed. – Nurk FPV

Nurk FPV