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I am a London based FPV freestyle pilot flying from roughly 1 year and a half. I mainly fly freestyle but I also do some cinematic now and then, sometimes I just like to relax exploring trees with my Shendrone Squirt cinewhoop. I have a passion for physics, which I am studying at university, 3d design, robotics and of course drones!

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It gives me the ability to express my self in a completely different way, putting together flying, design, music, video editing. I can completely forget about the rest of my life and unwind.

Gnosis FPV

My Gear

  • Iflight cidora HD version BNF
  • Gemfan F4s propellers
  • Dji fpv system
  • Betaflight
  • 4s and 6s Tattu and ovonic
  • Tbs tracer receiver
  • Tbs Mambo transmitter

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