Motionsic BAG (Badass Gimbal) and BlackStar FPV Wireless Head Tracker

This is a Motionsic BAG (Badass Gimbal) being demonstrated by FPV Air Combat using a BlackStar FPV Wireless Head Tracker and DJI FPV Goggles / DJI Air Unit.

And here’s an inflight video of the Motionsic BAG in action

The Motionsic BAG Gimbal is available to purchase here… Motionsic B.A.G. (BadAss Gimbal) FPV Pan & Tilt

For the Wireless Head Tracker, you’ll have to contact Blackstar FPV directly. He said they’ll be available to ship by early 2022, but I don’t have any more info on that.

This all looks like a lot of fun. Anyone else feeling like trying fixed wing?

Update: FPV Air Combat and BlackStar FPV will be writing a guest post explaining the setup shown in the video. Follow Drone Sumo on social media or sign up here on the forums to be alerted when the post is up.

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Imagine the possibilities if this technology, in addition to advancements in long range drones, is pushed