Mobula7 ELRS version announced by Happymodel

Happymodel has announced a new Mobula7 1s version. It will feature their brand new X12 AIO Flight controller with built in 12A ESC, ELRS 2.0 and OpenVTX. The Mobula7 ELRS version will be the first quad to make use of this AIO.

It will weigh 24 grams, make use of PH2.0 battery connectors (same as the previous version), Gemfan 1610 2-blade propellers, a Runcam Nano 3 camera, and Happymodel’s brand new RS0802 20000KV motors.

The Mobula7 ELRS’s VTX will have an output power of 400mw to match longer distances that the ELRS will enable it to fly. It will be released around early to mid-February according to HappyModel.

Here’s a flight video of the new Mobula7:

The Mobula7 ELRS version is available to pre-order now from Bangood for a little over $100.

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Glad I waited for this. Was about to buy the Mobula6 ELRS version even though there are reviews saying the flight times are low with its motors.

This should be much better with flight times hopefully.