MeeKaaH: Real Life vs Uncrashed SIM - FPV Freestyle Blend

Originally published at: MeeKaaH: Real Life Vs Uncrashed SIM - FPV Freestyle Blend

French freestyle pilkot MeeKaah decided to make a unique edit of a real-life FPV freestyle with a digital one when he recently visited a well-known bando that is also featured in the FPV simulator Uncrashed. With some clever editing and Uncrashed’s great graphics, in some parts of the video, it’s hard to tell when the switch between real life and digital happens without paying close attention – and it’s all in 4K.

MeeKaah’s style freestyle is also entertaning to watch (both in real life and simulator) with a nice mix of proximity, juicy flow and creative lines.

More info:

I went on an FPV roadtrip this summer with Indigne Breton and stopped in an epic bando (made famous by Tomz FPV / Escape FPV / and other pilots) Since that time a new FPV simulator was released (Uncrashed : FPV drone simulator) and when I saw there was a map of that same bando I knew I had to do an edit to combine the two 🤘(All the juice come from caprisun, full GG)

— MeeKaah