Jumper T-Pro Radio with internal ExpressLRS

Jumper will soon release a new gamepad-style radio called the Jumper T-Pro that looks like it has taken a lot of inspiration from the TBS Tango 2 and DJI Remote Controller V2.

It’s rumoured to have an internal 4-in-1 multiprotocol, 900mhz ExpressLRS module (no news on 2.4ghz yet, but hopefully). It looks as though it will use the same plastic gimbals that come on the Jumper T-Lite radio, a navigation scroll wheel similar to that seen on the TBS Tango 2 and a 128x64 monochrome LCD screen. The antenna is foldable, but non-removable and cannot be orientated vertically.

The Jumper T Pro will also have two 3-pos toggle switches - again similar to the Tango 2 - two momentary switches and two slider pots.

The new Jumper controller will also have a JR Lite Nano TX module slot for adding Multiprotocol, TBS Crossfire or Tracer modules.

Makerfire has confirmed that they will be selling the Jumper T Pro in the near future, but have not yet given a release date.

Video source: 2.4ghs on Facebook

Looks like it’s been Frankensteined from spare Tango 2 and DJI parts :laughing:

Nice. Been waiting for this.

More photos of the Jumper T-Pro Radio…