JayByrd Films: Right up Our Alley Bowling Cinematic

Originally published at: JayByrd Films: Right Up Our Alley Bowling Cinematic | Drone Sumo Magazine

This impressive bowling alley cinematic shot by JayByrd Films took the internet by storm recently quickly racking up hundreds of thousands of views within a couple of days across various social media platforms.

The film – named Right Up Our Alley – was made to rally support for the Minneapolis-based bowling business as a promotional piece, but after going viral, it was picked up by major news outlets such as the New York Times and CNN among others. Hollywood filmmakers even praised the shot saying it adds to the language and vocabulary of cinema. Quite the compliment indeed.

JayByrd Films well and truly accomplished and even surpassed his goals of promoting the bowling business, and put FPV firmly in the mainstream media in the process.

JayByrd Films