HDZero Integrated Goggles - Updates

This is a quick summary thread of the main announcements for the HDZero Integrated Goggles, expected to released around September/October 2022, mostly shared by Carl Zhou in the official Divimath/HDZero Facebook group.

Original announcement form Carl Zhou from Divimath/HDZero about the HDZero Integrated Goggles

Carl Zhou

I am working on a goggle with an integrated HDZero:

  • Unprecedented 4ms optimized glass-to-glass fixed latency
  • Next generation ultra-thin optical engine (0.8in thick)
  • 1920x1080p 2000 nits OLED
  • 43° FOV (16:9), 38° FOV (4:3), software scalable to lower FOV
  • HDMI Input
    . Compatible with all alternative HDMI-based digital systems
    . Excellent sharpness for simulator use
    . So sharp, it works well as a PC monitor HMD (it’s been fun to test with)
    . Use as mobile phone external display for portable cinema
  • HDMI Output to share HDZero feed with others
  • Analog Input to be compatible with all existing analog modules
  • Modular accessory mounting rail system
    . Mount antennas
    . Mount analog modules
    . Use your imagination to customize the goggle for your use
  • Power button (EDITED)
  • ELRS Backpack support (EDITED)
  • Microphone to record ambient sound in DVR (EDITED)
  • DC (2S-6S)
    The first batch will be ready for beta testers in May.
    As I usually ask for, I need your input to make the best it can be. I am proud that HDZero is backed by the community. We make this goggle because we care about the FPV community deeply. This will be YOUR goggle.
    Thank you.


Feel free to share your own updates or thoughts about the HDZero Integrated Goggles below…

Update on 16th May from Carl:

Our goggle has progressed greatly since I last discussed it with you all. Thank you for your input early on, it was invaluable – this will be your goggle!

I want to set expectations about release date first. The goggle will be ready for a small group of testers in the June/July timeframe. General availability will be around September/October timeframe. If you have a set of goggles with HDMI input, I recommend purchasing the HDZero VRX now – don’t hold off flying HDZero all summer!

Whether you fly HDZero or analog, I’m confident that these will be your favorite set of goggles to reach for.

  • On/off sliding switch – be confident that the goggle is on or off at a glance or by feel
  • Designed for open source, the new goggle runs Linux. All code for the user interface is new and will be open source
  • 90Hz 1080p OLED screens with sliding IPD adjustment and dials for focus adjustment
  • By integrating the entire goggle display pipeline with HDZero’s fixed-latency video transmission, these goggles achieve 4ms glass-to-glass sub-frame latency with no jitter or dropped frames
  • Mounting rails for patch antennas or whatever else you might want to mount
  • Recessed front SMA jacks so you don’t have to remove antennas when packing the goggle away. Whether you install stubby antennas or TrueRC slide on patches, setup and teardown will be fast and easy
  • Three independently addressable fans work in combination to cool the internals and prevent fogging. They are soft mounted to prevent screen vibration and noise
  • HDMI input so you can use a ground station receiver, use for simulators, on the go movies, etc…
  • HDMI output so you can share your video feed to others
  • 3.5mm combination headphone / microphone jack so you can listen to analog or HDMI source audio or use a high-quality microphone for the pit-mic feature
  • 3.5mm analog video/audio input for use with ground station inputs
  • Analog input solves the vertical jitter problem found in analog OLED goggles today by using a 2D deinterlacer that adds no delay. This might be the best looking analog goggle display, despite it being a digital goggle
  • ELRS backpack support so the goggle can automatically follow the channel of the VTX
  • Add-on side-mounted analog module bay that accepts most of today’s analog modules
  • Add-on 2.4Ghz WiFi video streaming module to live steam your flights
  • Swappable faceplates to support different shaped faces and prevent light leak

Thank you,

Rendered images of the HDZero Integrated Googles

May update: In-depth interview with Carl Zhou from Divimath about the HDZero Goggles by Mad’s Tech

Update on 15th August from Carl Zhou…

HDZero Goggles Status Update:

We are nearing the final stages of development. Many final touches have been determined. I have chosen some accessory parts based on user recommendations, and I think you’ll like them:

  • Beta goggle ready to try at August 27th HDZero Team Race event (View Race – MultiGP Drone Racing League | FPV Racing League)
  • Adding 1080p30 and 540p90 camera options;
    -PCB assembly is complete and under testing and development
  • End to end video is working (Camera → VTX → Goggle internal VRX → Goggle OLED display (and HDMI output)
  • Head strap chosen (see picture)
  • Power cables chosen (see picture)
  • Goggle carrying bag chosen (see picture)
  • Faceplate foam chosen (see picture)
  • Curved and flat faceplates are included (see picture)

The goggle will be injection molded and painted, the above pictures were taken from 3D Printed shell though.

Added a CAD pic.