HDZero Goggles with integrated HDZero coming soon?

We may be seeing goggles with integrated HDZero made by HDZero themselves sometime in the future, and going by the announcement made on HDZero’s Facebook group, the beta-testing models are already sounding promising.

I am working on a goggle with an integrated HDZero:

  • Unprecedented 4ms optimized glass-to-glass fixed latency
  • Next generation ultra-thin optical engine (0.8in thick)
  • 1920x1080p 2000 nits OLED
  • 43° FOV (16:9), 38° FOV (4:3), software scalable to lower FOV
  • HDMI Input
    . Compatible with all alternative HDMI-based digital systems
    . Excellent sharpness for simulator use
    . So sharp, it works well as a PC monitor HMD (it’s been fun to test with)
    . Use as mobile phone external display for portable cinema
  • HDMI Output to share HDZero feed with others
  • Analog Input to be compatible with all existing analog modules
  • Modular accessory mounting rail system
    . Mount antennas
    . Mount analog modules
    . Use your imagination to customize the goggle for your use
  • Power button (EDITED)
  • ELRS Backpack support (EDITED)
  • Microphone to record ambient sound in DVR (EDITED)
  • DC (2S-6S)

The first batch will be ready for beta testers in May.
As I usually ask for, I need your input to make the best it can be. I am proud that HDZero is backed by the community. We make this goggle because we care about the FPV community deeply. This will be YOUR goggle.

Thank you.

Carl and the Divimath / HDZero team seem to be taking all feedback onboard too. Things will be good for HDZero users and the FPV community in general of these goggles are as good as they sound.

<< Update >>
Hi all,
I did not expect the overwhelming response. Thanks for your generous encouragement.

Your input is carefully listened to. Ryan and other pilots are helping me to make sure no input is ignored. Thank you for the feedback. Please be kind and courteous when providing feedback - it is all I ask.

I have seen concerns about small FOV. While I have no experience making goggles, I have personally compared this optic/screen to other goggles and feel it is as good or better overall. I am looking at alternative optics/screens and will pick the best one based on all metrics (FOV is one, but so is color, contrast, brightness, sharpness, etc…).
Thank you for the support, and I mean it.

I hope these are as good as they sound. The more competition for digital goggles, the better for us.