GoPro releases firmware update to fix Hero 10 overheating issues

GoPro are releasing a firmware update for the Hero 10 to help prevent the cameras from overheating and shutting down in certain situations.

Some users complained that their Hero 10 cameras were overheating and shutting down after more than 20 minutes continuous recording. While not every Hero 10 has these performance issues, enough users have had problems to cause GoPro to actively respond.

Now, GoPro has confirmed that they are issuing a new firmware update that includes “video performance modes” - Maximum Video Performance, Extended Battery and Tripod/Stationary.

As the name suggests, the extended battery mode aims to extend the battery life by optimizing settings. The stationary mode assumes that the camera will not be moving and will therefore not be cooled by movement or airflow, and so disables features like Hypersmooth Stabilization and GPS, which should reduce the load on the processor and help keep it cool.

Aoording to GoPro, the new firmware will increase the length of a 5.3k, 60fps recording by 47 percent (an average of 29 minutes per clip) - and a recording at 4k, 60fps will see a increase in length of 154 percent (one hour and three minutes recording time).