GoPro 10 overheating - Statement form GoPro

There have been some reports on social media recently of GoPro 10 users having problems with their new action camera such as overheating and automatic shutdowns. This has resulted in GoPro writing an explanation and solutions to prevent your GoPro 10 camera from overheating.

From GoPro’s Twitter account:

Processing at high-performance modes requires a lot of power, so GoPro has put safeguards in place to protect consumers and the cameras from overheating when the camera reaches a certain temperature.

The HERO10 is engineered to support what we know a majority of HERO owners use the camera for: to shoot shorter clips in environments with natural airflow. Our research shows that 75% of videos shot on GoPro are less than a minute and ten seconds.

HERO10 Black can record 5.3k at 60 fps for 20 minutes with zero airflow -approximately 16x the average length of a GoPro video. HERO10 Black can record 4k at 60fps for 25 minutes with zero airflow – more than 21x the length of an average GoPro video. So for the filming scenario when long clips at the highest resolutions in a static environmentare required, we recommend taking the necessary steps to provide some airflow.

This will improve the camera’s thermal performance and allow for longer video capture. A chart of expected battery times and related testing conditions can be found here:

GoPro Support

Are you using a GoPro 10, and if so, have you encountered any overheating or automatic shutdown problems?