GEPRC TinyRadio mid-size controller with built-in 500mW ExpressLRS 915MHz/2.4GHz

GEPRC has announced a new mid-size radio controller called the TinyRadio featuring internal ExpressLRS 2.4 GHz/915 MHz with an adjustable transmitter power that goes up to 500mW.

There have been a few entry-level radios with inbuilt ExpressLRS announced recently including RadioMaster ZORRO, iFlight Commando 8 and BetaFPV LiteRadio 2 / LiteRadio 3, but the TinyRadio looks to be the first non-gamepad style ELRS controller - although it’s not quite a full-size radio either, it’s more mid-size - and it looks like it has taken more than some inspiration from DJI’s controllers.

Here are the highlights of the GEPRC TinyRadio from their announcement

  • Internal ELRS 2.4GHz / 915 MHz - no information on any other protocols yet
  • 2KM+ flight range
  • 500mW adjustable power
  • 8 super low latency channels
  • Replacable antenna
  • Two replacable 18650 batteries
  • Sulpports USB-C charging
  • Fully compatible with drone simulators

GEPRC have not given too much information on the TinyRadio yet aside from the below image, so we don’t know if it will have Hall Effect gimbals, how many switches it will have, what operating systems it will use, and how settings will be adjusted without a screen. There’s also no information on a price and release date…