Gemfan & FaroukFPV to release official Sbang Freestyle propellers

You have to give credit to Gemfan, they certainly keep their ear close to the FPV community and try to give it exactly what it wants.

With the recent rise in popularity of Sbang Freestyle, Gemfan have collabarated with FaroukFPV (one of the founders and boundary-pushers of Sbang style) to design a set of freestyle props, made especially for flying Sbang.

However, in typical Gemfan style, they’ve just dropped a teaser on us, and we don’t have any specs on these Sbang props just yet.

If they’re working closely with Farouk though to design and test the props, and going on the success of their previous freestyle props, they should be Sbangtastic. :nerd_face:

As soon as we have more information on specs, release date and price etc - we will update this post.

Want to know what Sbang is? Check out the Q&A we did with FaroukFPV.

Nice. Looking forward to seeing what they’re doing with these.