FPV laws around the world | Fly legally

This is a community thread of international rules and regulations for flying FPV in various countries around the world.

Help us inform new pilots or those travelling to other countries to know the rules so they don’t get into trouble or waste their time. If you know the laws of a country that is not yet listed, kindly add them in the comments for the community’s benefit.

We will list the rules and regulations provided to this main post as they are added.

This is not legal advice. We cannot guarantee that the information provided here is completely accurate. Laws and regulations often change. You should research the rules beforehand if you intend to fly FPV in any country. This is a just a general guide only.

Japan’s FPV laws

  • Is flying RC models legal in Japan?

  • Is a permit needed to fly in Japan?

  • Where can I fly?

  • Can I fly FPV in Japan?
    A permit is needed to fly beyond line of sight. If you want to fly FPV, the law requires you to have a spotter.

  • Any other laws or requirements I should be aware of?