Flowstate: The FPV Documentary release date (update)

We’ve been getting a fair bit of traffic from people searching for news on the release date for the Flowstate FPV documentary, so we reached out to SOG (Stroke of Genious) Productions - the film production company behind the documentary - for an update.

They told us that they are currently showcasing the documentary at various film festivals while simultaneously negotiating with streaming company executives. Obviously, SOG productions want as many people as possible to be able to watch the documentary, even outside of the FPV community, so they want to offer it on a streaming platform that will enable that. If a deal cannot be reached, they will self publish.

Things are progressing, however, and a release date is getting closer. We will make a post on the main site when a release date and platforms are confirmed from Stroke of Genius productions.


At the moment, the documentary is only available to view at certain private screenings for the FPV community. Follow SOG Productions on Instagram to stay updated.