Fenix FPV arch powerloop (Bando Freestyle)

@pabloflor_fpv (Fenix FPV) hitting gaps, and a crazy powerloop through that arch - Fenix is one of the best there is at making full use of a bando/spot :fire:


"Since the first time I flew here 4 years ago, I have been thinking that powerloop through the arch was IMPOSSIBLE❌…

Well, turns out it is not hahaha💨 and manage to make it in a great line and first try LETS GO💪

This powerloop means A LOT to me. The door is really narrow and the arch is very small and not even centered with the door!!:dizzy_face: When I managed to pull it off FIRST TRY I really couldn’t believe it!!!

I had been thinking for many years it couldn’t be done at all!! And now, been able to do it myself… I am so happy​:drooling_face::sneezing_face::joy:"