ExpressLRS 2.4ghz Long Range Test: Wezley Varty

Wezley Varty does a long range test of the open-source RC link ExpressLRS on 2.4ghz and the results are seriously impressive, flying out 33.5kms (just over 20 miles) without failsafe kicking in. Wezley had to turn back at that point because the video feed started to fail, but it seems ExpressLRS on 2.4 could have gone even further without problem.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that ExpressLRS is a free open-source RC link project, yet it matches, and even out-performs other well-known and premium RC link technologies.

It’s going to be interesting seeing what the FPV community does with ExpressLRS over the next couple of years as the team continues to improve it, and we start seeing more specially made FPV products that make full use of its potential long-range capabilities at lower costs.

ExpressLRS Range Test - It simply won’t failsafe

This is a follow on from my recent range testing videos which attempt to comprehensively and scientifically test the performance of the 3 main 2.4G LoRa RC systems, Tracer, Ghost, and now ExpressLRS in this episode… For background on the testing done to date: The first Tracer test:… The re-test on 5.8G video:… The Tracer vs ExpressLRS shootout:… A Ghost challenger approaches:… Tracer Re-Test on Ludicrous power: Wing setup in this flight: Wing: Sonicmodell AR Pro Motor: Brotherhobby 2510 1030kV Prop: HQ 9x4.5 ESC: Aikon 35A Battery: 4S3P Li-Ion using HG2 cells VTX: TBS Unify Pro32 HV on 1W Antenna on wing: Cheap China clone of the v1 Triumph 5.8G Antenna on the goggle: Triple Feed Patch Array Control Link: DIY Slim TX with dipole on 100mW, and DIY nano RX with T antenna

Have you used - or are you using - ExpressLRS on your long-range builds? Let us know your thoughts below…