Ellis Van Jason: Matterhorn Long-Range 4K Cinematic FPV

Originally published at: Ellis Van Jason: Matterhorn Long-Range 4K Cinematic FPV

A majestic 4K mountain-surfing cinematic by one of the masters of long-range FPV shots. Ellis Van Jason ascends the Matterhorn – a huge pyramidal-shaped mountain between the borders of Switzerland and Italy – before taking the 5-inch FPV drone back down for an epic dive and some cruising around the Swiss Alps.

Most people would only ever get to see this mountain from afar, but thanks to long-range FPV drones and the skills of pilots like Ellis Van Jason, we are now able to see incredible close-up views such as these.

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This summer I challenged myself by diving the most dangerous mountain in the world with a 5” FPV drone. A 1.7km vertical and 3.5 km horizontal climb in under 5 minutes was something I coudn’t imagine when I started with this hobby. After a lot of planning and some good mental support I was able to experience Switzerland’s most scenic from a completely different angle.

Ellis Van Jason

Ellis Van Jason