DigiView app allows DJI FPV video out to Android devices

A new Android app called DigiView allows video out directly from DJI FPV Googles to an Android device.

Here’s AndyRC demonstrating the DigiView DJI out app:

Created with the amazing people from the FPV Out Discord server, DigiView is the first of it’s kind HD FPV App for the Digital FPV System manufactured by that 3 letter brand.

The DigiView system was designed to maximize the flying experience. Compatible with basically any HD FPV aircraft, it offers crystal-clear live feeds, while an any device you want that has a screen displays vivid images, even in direct sunlight. With intuitive menus, quick start-up and much more, flying just got a whole lot better.

DigiView is completely open source on GitHub → GitHub - fpvout/DigiView-Android: Live video out from your DJI FPV Goggles via USB.

The app is available to download on the Google App store: