Could DJI drones be banned for consumers in the US?

An in-depth article about how DJI and its drones are being viewed by the US government in regards to data harvesting, and what measures are, or may, be taken.

Critics of DJI warn the drone maker may be channelling reams of sensitive data to Chinese intelligence agencies on everything from critical infrastructure like bridges and dams to personal information such as heart rates and facial recognition.

Brendan Carr, one of four FCC commissioners, said in October that the regulatory body should consider a ban on approvals of DJI’s equipment, citing the “vast amounts of sensitive data” collected by its drones. In an FCC statement, Carr warned DJI may be a “Huawei on Wings”, referring to the Chinese telecommunications giant the US has sought to hobble with sanctions over spying concerns.

Do you believe that DJI and their drones could be gathering valuable information in the US (and other countries) or is the United States government simply trying to reduce the Chinese tech companies’ dominance in the US/world drone market?