Captain Vanover: Falling - FPV Freestyle

Originally published at: Captain Vanover: Falling - FPV Freestyle

It’s been a while since Captain Vanover has treated us to a freestyle, but he recently took a break from his busy schedule of winning races to drop a couple on us, the most recent and – in our opinion – best is this one called Falling.

Vanover makes the most the Autumn trees to smoothly combine gaps and tricks including an insane reverse Split-S into a Matty flip and then hitting the tree gap backwards (from 0:47 seconds onwards).

If you’re a fan of top FPV freestylers, you may recognize the awesome spot that Vanover is flying in this video as it’s the same spot that PDEVX flies in some of his freestyle videos as the two pilots met up for a freestyle session. You can actually see a little PDEVX inbfluence in Vanover’s flying in this one too.

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Fall is here and its so beautiful outside! I also recently switched to the Kiss Ultra FC and I am absolutely loving it! I want to thank you all for the amazing support and love, it motivates me to keep pushing my quad and my skills to the limits 🙂

— Captain Vanover

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