Caddx Peanut Reviews - The Micro Camera made for FPV

A compilation of the best reviews of the Caddx Peanut FPV micro camera from around the web and some general information about the camera.

The Caddx Peanut is co-developed by Caddx and Insta360 and made especially for FPV. It looks similar to the Insta360 GO 2, except it has a button on the front and the body is a little thicker for added protection from crashes as well as a special case and power connector for mounting and powering directly from a drone. The Caddx Peanut is around $60 cheaper than the Insta360 GO 2.

Caddx Peanut Features:

  • 1440p (2.5k resolution) at 50fps
  • Up to 30 minutes recording in FPV mode
  • Flowstate Stabilziation
  • External Power (Enabling recording while charging)
  • Remote Control
  • Up to 10 meters WI-FI preview
  • Auto editing (With FlashCut 2.0)
  • Hyperlapse
  • Slow Motion

Caddx Peanut Packing list (In the box):

  • 1 x Peanut Camera
  • 1 x Mount Adapter
  • 1 X Power Connector
  • 1 x USB Connector
  • 2 x Mx1.25 3-pin Power Cable
  • 1 x 2S-6S Step-down Module
  • 1 x ND 8 Filter
  • 1 x ND16 Filter
  • 1 x Pack of Camera Mounting Screws and Nuts
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Wiping Cloth

Caddx Peanut Reviews

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The Caddx Peanut FPV Micro Camera is available from Caddx

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