Betaflight 4.3 Complete Tuning Guide / Tutorial - Chris Rosser

Chris Rosser’s Complete Guide to Setting Up and Tuning Your Quads with Betaflight 4.3 (BF4.3).

Chris walks us through tuning and setting up, both on a budget bind-and-fly quad, the Eachine Wizard X220 V2, and his own high-spec 5-inch frame, the AOS 5 to cover a wide spectrum of different types and sizes of quads that you might be tuning yourself.

Part 1 - Betaflight 4.3 Complete Tuning Guide

Covered in part 1:

  • Update Radio to EdgeTX 2.5 or later
  • Disable ADC Filter and Enable OneBit
  • Update BLHeli_S ESC’s to Bluejay
  • Upgrade control link

Part 2 - Flash to First Flight - Configure and Fly the quad on stock BF4.3 filters and PID’s

Covered in part 2:

  • Back up your configuration
  • Flash BF4.3
  • Restore the safe parts of your config
  • First flight

Part 3 - Filter Tuning - Set the filters

Covered in part 3:

  • Blackbox analysis
  • RPM filtering
  • Dynamic notch
  • Low pass filtering

Part 4 - PID Tuning - Get the best flight performance out of you quad

Covered in part 4

  • Find your Max D Gains
  • Find the right P:D balance
  • Tune feedforward for setpoint tracking

Part 5 - Betaflight Rates tuning. How to make your quad feel right for the way you like to fly

Covered in part 5

  • The theory of Betaflight Rates tuning
  • How to use throttle limit and throttle expo to increase throttle resolution
  • How to tune your rates for the type of flying you like to do
  • Suggestions for where to start with your rates

I will update this post with more videos from Chris’s Betaflight tuning guide as he releases them but subscribe to his YouTube channel for more great FPV content and tutorials.